The Rehabilitation Program provides highly specialized training for individuals with schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and other related illnesses. The program provides patients with the opportunity for success in daily endeavors and gradually builds upon these successes to improve their adaptive functioning. The classes and individual instruction are designed to educate patients about their illness and develop the skills necessary to maintain productive and meaningful activity. Patients are helped to return to work and/or regain other meaningful activities in their lives. We also provide training and treatment for individuals who require a long term or permanent supported living situation by offering a highly structured environment for patients who need assistance in maintaining independence and improving their quality of life.

In the Program, patients participate in rehabilitation exercises throughout the day. A fast pace is encouraged during highly structured activities to help combat the patients’ withdrawal, apathy, and lack of initiative. Patients are expected to fully participate in a minimum of 5 hours of rehabilitation per day. Relatives and friends are invited twice a month to a Family Support Group. In this meeting, staff present information about schizophrenia and families are given the opportunity to share their experiences with one another. Individual families may meet with staff as needed. The program is designed to promote learning even when individuals experience cognitive impairments.

This program also provides a more permanent home for some individuals who require a higher degree of structure and continuity to live outside, either due to their more substantial cognitive deficits or long-term institutionalization. It is also designed for individuals with severe disabilities that competitive employment is not expected.