Patients participate in a variety of rehabilitation exercises that promote increased motivation and concentration.

The rehabilitation day begins with an informal breakfast meal to ensure that each patient begins the day with adequate nutrition, hygiene, and orientation. Staff lead discussions concerning goals and how to apply new skills to achieve success in the day’s work. Patients then participate in groups. This is designed to promote motivation, teamwork, social skills, and initiative. The patients participate in physical exercises that require them to behave in a manner that fights against their apathy and inactivity.

The Rehabilitation Program provides state of the art rehabilitation and treatment services to individuals with schizophrenia and other chronic mental illnesses. The treatments use neuropsychological principles to help patients improve their cognitive abilities and motivation. As these skills are developed, the patients are then helped to improve the quality of their lives by finding jobs or other meaningful and productive activity in their communities. Our residential program meets the needs of a wide range of people affected by mental illness.